How Smart is your home?

The Connected Home is not a thing of the future, it’s here today.

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Is your WiFi slowing you down?

It seems everything we bring into our homes is now connected to the internet, but setting it up to work together is always a challenge. TechCube specialise in the installation of Prosumer network connectivity, helping you get enterprise quality wireless and wired connectivity throughout your home or small business without the enterprise price tag.

We use the latest tools and techniques to assess your premises and fit WiFi that covers from corner to corner at blistering speeds. We can even help you find the best internet provider – you may be surprised just how fast you can go.

Don’t just dream about ending the battle for who can stream or game online and get in touch for a free quote today.

Every successful project has a plan

Whether you are building a new home, or improving an existing property, TechCube has the expertise to help you choose the right solution. Planning is not an afterthought, nor a premium extra. 

Residential Networks

From WiFi to LAN party, we have everything you need for better internet

Smart Home Systems

The limit is your imagination. We have the tools to automate your world

Professional Services

Small business solutions for all your connectivity and technical support requirements

Smart Lighting

Automatic lighting scenes are the basis for any smart home. We have a wide range of solutions available for any budget

Heating and Cooling

Making your heating and cooling systems smart shouldn’t need a new boiler. We can find the best controls for your home

Custom Appliances

Not all appliances are smart, but many can be made a little more intelligent

Data Networks

Specialists in networking, we will ensure you have the best wired and wireless experience throughout your property

Energy Monitoring

Want to track your energy usage? Your smart home can do that. We can intergate with certain smart energy tariffs and home energy systems too!

Security and CCTV

All the sensors in a smart home make an excellent security system. We can add CCTV that can be viewed remotely for peace of mind too

Why Choose Us


With an enthusiasm for new technology, a history in technical support, and experienced in Network Engineering, we are well placed to provide solutions for your network and smart home needs.


Tried and tested hardware adapted to your needs


Background in Network Engineering and IoT systems

Cost Effective

Solutions designed to your budget and individual project